Whether traveling from state to state or from continent to continent, GlobalMed Services offers a variety of options to transport sick and injured persons quickly, safely, and comfortably.

With our extensive experience transporting clients to and from every continent, except Antarctica, we have the knowledge and expertise to plan the most direct and comfortable trip while ensuring that your loved one can be safely moved and properly taken care of.


Our relationships with the airlines and knowledge of regulations also allow us to ensure proper medical clearances before every trip to avoid any interruption or delay.

Whether your loved one’s needs are as simple as mobility assistance or as complex as oxygen, IVs, and medications, we can put together a trip that meets their needs.

Our services are often more affordable than expected because in most cases, we utilize the commercial airline system.

Traveling in first or business class allows our patients to enjoy the privacy, personal attention, and spacious, comfortable seating that they need.

If their medical condition requires, we can also arrange for the patient to be transported on a commercial stretcher, with appropriate medical staff and equipment on board.

On the ground, our patients continue to get first class service, traveling by ambulance or limousine service, depending on their condition.

Throughout the trip, they are escorted by our experienced and professional medical escort staff, which stay with them from door to door and take care of each and every detail.

Whether an elderly loved one simply needs help traveling to a family wedding in another state, wants to return home to India, or needs to visit a hospital on the other side of the world, GlobalMed Services can help.

Use our convenient quote request form or call our toll free number on 1-888-930-4853 to learn more about how we can help today!