Medical Escort Services

Air ambulance services are VERY expensive, and often unnecessary.

For international transfers, we can often provide the same level of care for a fraction of the cost by using the commercial airline system.

Most of our patients travel in either business/first class, with plenty of comfort and privacy.

If necessary, we can often arrange a stretcher as well.

In either case the patient will have the comfort of knowing that our expert medical staff are by their side the entire time.

With one call to GlobalMed Services you can be sure that you will enjoy these benefits:



Reduced cost

Medical escort is considerably less costly than flying home on a dedicated air ambulance. Ski injuries, broken limbs or other non-urgent cases are most commonly handled by medical escort.


Tailored to your situation

We work together with particular airlines whose aircraft meet our standards. For more serious cases, we can even construct an ICU environment or provide oxygen support on board.


The right medical care

We staff every trip with the right medical professionals and equipment for the situation. We handle every detail from hospital coordination, ground transportation, medical clearances and more.