Air Ambulance Medical Flight Stories

We are honored to have played a part in these heart-touching stories. Each of these patients have generously allowed Global Med Services into their lives to capture their trials, tribulations, and triumphs.


Sumona B.

We used GlobalMed Services to get my mother from a hospital in Chengdu, China to Hyderabad, India. She had suffered a stroke and was immobile. The team from GlobalMed Services came to Chengdu and helped with the entire transfer. They were knowledgeable and took care of every detail. They took care of every medical and hygienic detail for my mom during the entire journey. We were very pleased with the way they handled the entire transfer and made the journey comfortable for my mom. Having them there gave my family some peace of mind to know that they would take care of the transfer. If anyone is in such a situation where they need to move a loved one from one place to another specially in a different country, I would highly recommend GlobalMed services as they did an excellent job.


Rebekah G.

I can’t thank GlobalMed enough for their support, patience and kindness after a very traumatic five months with our Mother being poorly in a hospital in the UAE. They sent a fantastic team to make sure she finally reached home safely.


Monica B.

I thank GlobalMed Services and their staff. They are are wonderful team, kind, professional and precise and took wonderful care of my mother, she absolutely loved them. The transfer from hospital to international flight to hospital went smoothly and they took care of everything. I absolutely would recommend their services!


Keara N.

As a hospital social worker, I have worked extensively with GlobalMed Services with two very complex patients who needed to return to their respective home countries after experiencing a medical emergency. They were able to successfully coordinate both international travel and safe transportation to their respective homes/next levels of care.


Nancy G.

Recently I sustained a fall in Lisbon, Portugal and broke my hip and engaged the services of GlobalMed Services. They were a godsend! They were efficient and extremely professional in making the necessary arrangements to transport me back to the US. They facilitated the appropriate transfers with the various hospital staff, airport carriers/customs and ambulance transfers. I felt extremely safe and as a result had a less invasive surgery upon returning to the states. They made the best out a bad situation…Thank you for your professionalism and the care you showed


Marika R.

This company exceeded my expectations in every way. As a hospital social worker, I had to arrange for a patient to be reunited with his family in Europe from Toronto Canada after a long and complicated course in hospital. Their staff were very professional and had a great sense of humour which immediately put our staff and patient at ease. They respond to emails quickly and the entire process from start to finish was completely seamless.Their price was very reasonable compared to other companies I contacted. I can’t say enough good things about this company and I highly recommend them to everyone.


Bryan V.

My experience with GlobalMed Services was absolutely OUTSTANDING in getting my father from Houston Texas to New Jersey safely and doing it from beginning to end incredibly seamless!

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